Your Ideal Supplier

Your go-to Saskatoon body shop supplier, Ideal brings innovation to the shop level. We’re the first on the street with the latest in technology, new products, and innovative new processes, and it’s all delivered right to your shop with a personal touch.

Personalized Service

Working with Ideal for your supplies doesn’t involve doing business with large companies or representatives on the other side of the world. Our sales representatives Dave and Larry will come to your shop to find out exactly what you need. They’re equipped with iPads and have instant access to information and products, as well as the team back at our shop. Orders are received immediately at the store via email, picked, billed and delivered almost instantly.

At Ideal, keeping your shop supplied is simple. We offer a range of services to give your business an edge, including:

  • Inventory control programs
  • Bulk buying programs
  • Specific logistic and purchasing programs designed for your shop needs
  • Cabinet programs
  • Inventory management barcoding systems
  • Problem solving on colour matching and paint spraying issues
  • Highly competitive pricing through our volume purchasing power and affiliation with a major P.B.E national buying group
  • Fast friendly free delivery service in Saskatoon and surrounding areas

Colour Matching

What is it?

At Ideal, we use PPG’s Prophet Colour Matching Camera. Here’s a short description of the cameras from PPG.

“PPG’s next-generation colour tool, the Prophet® II Colour Analyser, sets the standard in electronic colour identification technology. Made exclusively for PPG, this ergonomically designed multi-angle spectrophotometer device is capable of scanning a painted surface from five reflective angles to precisely measure its colour. It then links to PPG’s Paint Manager colour retrieval Imagesystem where unique, specially developed PPG software allows it to make a rapid colour selection from primes, variants and specials. With Prophet® II, identifying the closest colour match can be as fast and easy as a ‘Click’ to measure the colour then, if the rating meets a specific tolerance and there’s room to blend, you simply mix that formula and ‘Go’ paint the job. Advanced features and user-friendly operation give Prophet® II the potential to make the tedious task of selecting the closest colour match so much simpler, giving you a big time saving advantage.”

How else can we help with colour matching and paint services?

  • Numerous colour chip decks
  • Old & antique car colour chips
  • Colour tinting specialists available